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beer & burgers
Lucky Kitchen
vision mix 2
3d acrylic letters
kitchen things sylvia park
vision mix3
schnips sylvia park
market arrows
james loft night (2)_edited_edited
Painted canvas with Neon

A series of large painted canvasses, with Neon shapes, designed by an Auckland based artist.

schnips manukau
Watermark by Peter Roach

This amazing piece protrudes off a granite tiled wall with an amazing polished stainless ring 3 meters in diameter. Multiple layers of neon revolving and intertwining. The piece is animating to create a flow of energy in a circular motion.

Char Grill
charms roast
Don't let your heart...

A very impressive Neon panel designed by a young artist.

step aside 1

A large Neon & Acrylic panel with a sense of humour...

Schnips PHd Auckland Salon

Cut out acrylic letters, back lit with Leds. Digital prints throughout the salons.


The combination of digital prints & vinyl graphics, make for eye catching logos...

Lotus Foreign Exchange

Digital prints to internal glass & acrylic panels -eye catching logos & graphic.


This small, portable Neon sign -says it all...